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I’m a professor who got fired and arrested for protesting Israel’s Gaza war | Close UP

May 17, 2024 – Students and faculty across United States colleges are demanding change. They want their universities, with enormous endowments, to cut ties with Israeli companies. Activists like Danny Shaw argue that institutions investing in these companies are complicit in the ongoing war in Gaza. For nearly 20 years, Danny Shaw was a professor at City College of New York until he was fired last month for his outspoken criticism of Israel’s assault on Gaza – and the US role in the war. “They try to label us as terrorists, but what are our crimes? Student encampments, books, the truth?” says Shaw, describing the police response to anti-war protests. As the unrest escalates into violent police raids and several thousand arrests, Close Up follows Shaw as he joins students demanding an end to the war in Gaza. “No matter how hard they attack us, discredit us, dehumanise us, arrest us, break our bones, bomb our people across the Middle East, we have a historical responsibility to speak out.” Shaw adds.

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