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Piers: you pompous pilgrim you
You did it again
cashing in on indigenous blood and tears

a contrarian stuck in 2003
you specialize in interrupting Arabs, Muslims, anti-Zionists
and any voice of reason
you rub elbows with colonizers, occupPIERS and genocidaires 

a strange sadism
No white boy sigmund freud recognizes
a mediocre lackey of colonial puppet masters
Considered by the six counties
that spearhead 32 undivided countries forward
a rat bastard

Piers tiptoes roller blades somersaults
over ashes, rubble, craters and incinerated children
And he does it
with a smile and open min

Rupert Murdoch’s ideological godson
a fake catholic
who walks by Bobby Sands grave
without stopping

The censor
of the spirits and voices
who will always stand
in defense of

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